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What happens if I can’t pay my invoice on time?

If you can’t make a payment in time, please let us know immediately so we can arrange something. Typically we will put a note on your account to extend the due date by 1-2 weeks without any penalties. However,  if your next bill is issued before we receive your payment, your past due balance will appear on the new bill and a late payment charge may apply.

If you miss one of the instalments in your arrangement, your account may be suspended which would incur a suspension fee. If your account gets suspended, payment in full will be required to restore service. A service restoral fee of $25 will be charged to your next bill.

If your payments are always late, it will negatively impact your payment history and your credit rating with us will be considered as Broken. This could negatively impact your ability to renew the contract at a later date.

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