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Low cost, no frills, cell phone service


Simple, affordable, no frills cell phone service starting at $10 per month. Our low cost cellular plans are perfect for kids and seniors who need a basic cell phone solution to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Unlimited, High Speed, Reliable Internet


Say goodbye to extra usage fees. DCI offers Unlimited, stable and reliable High Speed Internet service. Enjoy non-stop surfing, streaming, uploading, and downloading at speeds of up to 200 Mbps.

Hosted PBX, business cloud phone service


Upgrade your business to a fully managed cloud PBX system. Connect multiple offices around the world. Serve your customers better, with a phone system that’s easy to use for your employees, incredibly advanced and more affordable than a traditional system.

Low cost, reliable, home phone service with many features


DCI home phone service lets you keep your existing number and comes with a wide range of calling and long distance options. It gives you everything you need to stay connected to family and friends without the high cost of a traditional phone line.

High Quality, Low Cost Long Distance Service


Use DCI for all your long distance calls and save money from your home, business and mobile phone, no matter where you are, or where you are calling. Use a provider you can trust and join the 20,000 Canadians who have used DCI long distance over the years.


DCI provides premium quality local and toll-free 1800 numbers in more than 60 countries around the world. Whether your calls come from across the street or across the globe, you’ll experience crystal-clear connections at an affordable price.

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Thank you for providing information on the free calling card!and I’ll let you know about the new route setup for DCI call.  You’re a great team! Warm regards.

Pierre – Pierrefonds, Quebec

Dear Sirs. Low Cost  and  no fees hidden. Efficacy. Fast. Easy to use and to apply. Clear account statement. Thank you.

Ricardo Campos – Hexagonal Trader, Montreal, Quebec

DCI offered us everything we needed: Access to LD service from any phone No. of our choosing including our cell phones, efficient and friendly billing system,  internet payment of invoices, excellent customer service as well as competitive prices. Two thumbs up.

Hal Canaan – Kirkland, Quebec

Excellent service from the customer point of view. Above very good reception via the satellite connection including calls from cell to cell. Thx DCI.

Mark Conrad Wegierski – Beaconsfield, Quebec

Your service is good. Communication via email is good. I am happy with the DCI package.

Veena Gujrathi – Brossard, Quebec

Outstanding service, very reliable, Efficient and prompt. Nice e-billing option.

Avi Mark Spitzer – Montreal, Quebec

DCI is very convenient, reliable & best of all I get one bill for my work, cell. and home phone. It works great for me.

Rajiv Chopra – Indian Restaurant, Bar & Catering, 225 Hymus, Pointe Claire

I have been a customer of DCI for many years now, and am extremely pleased with the LD service and economical rates  I receive when I travel.  I have used my calling card from all over the US during my trips, paid some invoices in advance, and some when I returned, and with the help of the good staff, maintained excellent credit and service. I highly recommend your company.

Cookie Fleisher – Ste Agathe des Monts, Quebec

Main reason is that the prices are reasonable. Secondly, the service for getting connection to India, is never a problem. Always prompt line connection. One suggestion: it will be easier if DCI can accept bills with credit card. Please do not publish my E-Mail link. Regards,

Balwant Sidhu – Montreal, Quebec

I am very satisfied with my experience with DCI. I have made specific requests concerning my cellular services and each time DCI came through for me. Delivery was prompt. Customer Services are always easily accessible, helpful and courteous. I highly recommend DCI.

Ray V Malin – Casual Productions, Montreal, Quebec

I am very happy with your service and rates. Your service is excellent and the quality of line connection is excellent. I have had numerous bad experiences with calling cards, mostly my money was taken for no service as promised. I recommend DCI to all my friends. Thanks, keep up the good work!

Jacek Andraka – Pierrefonds, Quebec

dear dci, as i am an israeli living in montreal, i highly appreciate the cost of calling israel you made so much easier for me to keep in touch with my roots,,,,,, thank you,,,,,,,,

Tova Zentner – Montreal, Quebec

DCI is a great service, very handy because it is a mobile service. You can use it from your home, cell, or even work. There is no need to switch your long distance company.Thanks.

Maged Youssef – Markham, Ontario


Lamia Akoury – Sales Director, Saint-Laurent, Quebec

Dear DCI, “I am very happy with your services and great rates. I was very pleased that I was able to add your service to my wifes and my cell phone for even easier long distance calling from anywhere. I also like that billing arrives via e-mail for easy payment.” Thank you.

Jonathan Goldman – VP Operations, Montreal, Quebec

Je tiens à vous faire parvenir mon témoignage concernant DCI TÉLÉCOM. Je suis un retraité de la plus “grande” compagnie de téléphone au Canada et lorsque j’ai adhéré aux services DCI, je ne l’ai jamais regretté pour les raisons suivantes: Taux des interurbains compétitifs (more…)

Raymond Auger – Montréal, Québec

I say it is simple, no frills, inexpensive and efficient – customers shouldn’t need to pay for a big marketing campaign or overhead to use a simple and efficient product. DCI does this very well.

Nathan Nifco – Vancouver, British Columbia

i am using your service for more than 5 years. Service you providing is really good, just needs extended customer service hours. Regards

Devadas Ganeshthota – Brampton, Ontario

The Voice quality for DCI wireless service is Great and I love it…. It would be a good idea if DCI incorporates Caller ID feature in Basic Plan and offset it by Call forwarding and Conference.

Atul Thakkar – Pickering, Ontario

I am long distance user, spatially overseas. DCI provides very good service for best price.

Marek Przykorski – Montreal, Quebec

I have enjoyed your wonderful service, and I am presently delighted at the quality and professionalism of your company.  I plan to stay a loyal customer, and wish all companies could be as simple and easy to deal with. Keep it up.

Rudy – Laval, Quebec

I am with DCI approx. one year now. What I like about this company is that it looks solid and gives good service. This is what I expect from it and what I need. Keep up a good work. Sincerely,

Bohdan Lawruk – Kirkland, Quebec

We are likely among your newest customers (just 2 weeks) but are very impressed with your service excellence and flexibility. Staff are positive with a genuine “can-do” attitude as witnessed with your willingness to make adjustments as we gain familiarity with your offerings. (more…)

Sheldon Adelson – Toronto, Ontario

The most affordable long distance plan I have encountered so far. Convenient internet billing. Please register with the Desjardin online banking system!

Tania B – Lachine, Quebec

We have been using DCI service for our long distance calls for about 11 to 12 years. We started using DCI service in Montreal and then continued as we moved to Toronto in 1998. Our children, who during this period moved on to live independently, are also using DCI. (more…)

Dr. Narendra S. Verma, P. Eng. – Mississauga, Ontario

DCI has great competitive rates to Europe, the Far East and the Caribbean. I have saved a lot of money since using DCI. Your connections are crystal clear compared to other Long Distance Telephone Companies I have tried. I have recommended your Company to my friends. Sincerely,

Donna Jayasinghe – Toronto, Ontario

Calling to Cuba has been always a nightmare, whether for the expenses or the quality of the service. I have tried several companies but there was no balance between one thing and the other. With DCI I got what I was looking for, good rates and communication established at first try.

Michel Klibansky – Montreal, Quebec

Hi, Here at last are a few comments re your service.  Some of the cheapest long-distance rates around the world. Many good options. I have been with DCI since 1998 I believe. Does that say anything? I have always received prompt and polite answers to my questions via e-mail. Have a great Spring (no pun intended…).

Lili – Montreal, Quebec

DCI long distance service is great. It is very inexpensive if you are away from – much less costly then all those cards. Give it a try. There are no costs unless you use the service.

Richard Zuker – Ottawa, Ontario

The value for the money is phenomenal with great service as a big bonus. I recommend DCI Telecom to all my friends and relatives. Thanks,

Terry Engesser – Toronto, Ontario

With friends and relatives all over the world – Italy, Australia and beyond – DCI has helped us to stay in contact with everyone. Great customer service and when I (ooops) forgot to pay a bill and my service was interrupted the customer service were sympathetic and helpful. I wish all the phone companies were like this….

Rivka Cymbalist – Montreal, Quebec

I like the quick, immediate attention I get whenever I have a question. The staff is always very helpful, even making suggestions on how to save us money in long distance charges. As we administrate several companies in 8 different locations, we use DCI Telecom for all our phones. (more…)

Marsha Berman – Neon Clothing Co. of Canada Inc., Montreal, Quebec

I have been using DCI services for years and I am very pleased with their competitive prices, the quality of their long distance lines and the overall service of the Company. I advise people to try it, as there much to like about it.

Rabbi Dr. Moise Ohana – Montreal, Quebec

I am a DCI Cell phone and Long Distance User. I have had occasions to talk on the phone with Technical Support staff and I find them very responsive and helpful. The service is very good and I am a very happy user.

Ted Ritchie – Newcastle, Ontario

I really like the prices that DCI offers. Also the fact that I can add any telephone number to my account and call from that number to anywhere in the world.

Swami Ratan – Mississauga, Ontario

I have been using DCI for last 5 years. I am very happy with the service, apart from low rates, i like DCI about being professional in billing. since last 5 years I have never seen me over billed or invoice conflict in terms of minutes usage.

Ravinder Khurana – Markham, Ontario

I am proud to make my long distance calls with DCI Telecom since almost two years. Their services were excellent during this period in respect of customers relation and also in clearness of calls. I wish them a continuous success.

Jacques Mourad – Montreal, Quebec

DCI lets me have flexibility and convenience at a great price. I really like the convenience of using my cell phone and get the same great rates as my land line for long distance. We even have our cable internet through DCI! The technical service is great too.


Bruce Mazer MD – Montreal, Quebec

I am one of DCI satisfied customer. The best thing about DCI is the long distance rates automatically goes down!!!! we do not need to call them for adjustment in rates. Thanks.

Siddiqui Fayyaz – Scarborough, Ontario

Great service, Excellent prices and loads of reliability. There really is nothing else to say.

Karmpaul Singh – Brampton, Ontario

Hi. I am using the DCI long distance telephone (to call India and USA) service for the last six years (since 2000) and I am  happy with the clarity of the phone call. The technical support of the company is excellent.

Rao Dokku – Montreal, Quebec

Hi DCI Telecom Customer Service. I have been using DCI telecom service for more than five years. I am one of your satisfied customers, and your rates are very reasonable. Lines are pretty clear and less interruptions. Continue your good work. Thanks.

Sudarshan – Toronto General Hospital

DCI has been a reliable source of services for reducing long distance costs from home, office and the road.

Martin Kossman – Montreal, Quebec

I like DCI. The competitive rates to overseas and the possibility of having the service to my home phone # as well as my cell # made me using DCI service as main long distance provider for long time.

Ahmad Chaker – Edmonton, Alberta

We have been a customer for the last 4 years and we are extremely pleased with your services and your offerings. In addition, we save significant amounts of money on long distance call internationally with your service. We would be glad to recommend your services to any prospective client.

Tony Fernando – Markham, Ontario

I love the low prices; the easy access and the ability to use both my cell and home phone thru your number

Hazel Zemel – Toronto, Ontario

We like your low wirless rate, email invices, long distance services and never experienced any disruption in services. Thanks,

Bhupat – Milton, Ontario

Hi! I have been using DCI for what I guess is around 10 years. Besides really good rates, I have been pleased with the responsiveness of the company … to my requests. Thanks.

Phil Troy, PH.D. – Montreal, Quebec


Lavine Vladimir – Burnaby, BC

All I can say is I am a customer with DCI for many years now, and never had any issue (service or billing). I never had to call them even once as the service and the prices are awesome. They even reduce their price very often. I am so please with DCI and I recommend it for everybody.

Nasser Meikhaeil – Ajax, Ontario

I find that the service that I receive form DCI is excellent. I also enjoy receiving my bills through e-mail.

Sandra Miron – St. Lazare, Quebec

I am happy to give my comments for DCI. For me DCI can be concluded as “Definitely Customer Intentive” company.

Santhosh Kantharaj – Kasal Elevators Ltd., Scarborough, Ontario

It is almost 4 years that I am using DCI telecom, I am really impressed with the quality of service, as I can call anywhere in the world from aywhere in North America with rock bottom prices. Also I have very good words for the customer service, never seen such efficient guys.

Rajeev Gulati – Mississauga, Ontario

I just love it when I can talk to my Mom on my way to work using my cell phone, knowing that she she is more than 10000 miles away from my city.

Albar Nezar – Vancouver, BC

Hi, I am more than pleased with your services, charges and prompt billing with full documentation of calls made. I am happy to recommend your services to my friends. Keep up the good work & every good wish for the future. Sincerely.

Michael Lydon – Toronto, Ontario

I have been with DCI for about 10 years minimum. I have nothing but good things to say about DCI. The service has improved tremendously over the years, and that goes without saying about the prices. Keep up the good work.

Jacques Bassal – Montreal, Quebec

I am using DCI Telecom for my long distance calls (most of them are international) for the last 4 years. The best thing I like about DCI is their excellent customer service. I never had any service problem with them not even for a single time. DCI rates are very competitive.

Jagjit Arora – Brampton, Ontario

I have used your services (including my calling card from remote locations in the USA) and have had excellent service and would highly recommend DCI (which I have) to all my friends.

Louis Weingarten – St. Laurent, Quebec

The Simple words to say that by using DCI Telecom as your Long distance company you will never ever discover any difference in voice quality between your local phone call inside Canada and any international call. I do recommend DCI as one of the best company in Telecommunication business.

George Yousef – GIKM International

As a sports psychology coach, I use DCI to contact athletes who aspire to improve their mental skills. DCI  service is reliable and the rates are not only comparable with other companies but also much better. Superior customer service, friendly emails and a growing name are qualities that I am proud to be associated with. Sincerely,

Lior Doron – Flow in Sports

Hi! the line never busy, good service, fast connections, very inexpensive, easy access to billing (via web). I am happy to be able to use DCI Services & would recommend others to join me. Tx.

W. Przyczyna – Vancouver, BC

We have tried various long distance plans in the past but they have never delivered the quality of service, reliability of connection and excellent pricing that we have enjoyed with DCI. We recommend it to everyone. Sincerely yours,

Fred I Cooperstock – University of Victoria

DCI Telecom is the best overseas service that I have ever used. Its reliable and very competitively priced. (Please feel free to add my web site link). Regards,

Daksha Bishnoi – CEO, Westend Travel Inc., Mississauga, Ontario

Dear Sir, To whom so ever it may concern. We are with DCI since last 3 years and we are very happy to say that DCI is the one of the best long distance phone line companies.Their voice reception is very clear, their customer service is excellent, their pricing is competitive and their billing is accurate. Everything any customer wants DCI have it. Thanks

Prakash Patel – President, Sankets Canada Inc.

Hello DCI people. You have a great service. I used your call back feature from Europe and it worked perfect. Your billing is crisp accurate and your customer service is No match to other companies, you are way beyond. Keep on doing the good job.

Michael Marom – the MM Telcom group, New York, USA

DCI provides me with lots of advantages. As an airline captain I travel a lot and it is essential for me to have a world phone or GSM. By encouraging the use of unlocked phones they have also given me the option to use SIM cards from other countries, which is a great savings for long term travel. (more…)

Captain U. Gudjonsson – Toronto, Ontario

I am using DCI for last couple of years and I am very satisfied with the service. It has excellent quality at reasonable price. One of the great thing useful for me is to call from anywhere, you are not restricted to call from one registered phone.  I will continue to use DCI. Thanks

Raj Bamaniya – GE Medical, Scarborough, Ontario

I really like the customer service. All my requests get responded to immediately and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Harvey Belfer – President, Building Technologies, Ottawa, Ontario

Thanks DCI for the excellent service and price of your services. My business being all over the world, having long distance and cell phone integrated at amazing low cost has saved thousands of dollars for my company.

Gilbert Merariu – SCM Director, Montreal, Quebec

DCI has always exceeded in saving our company money for our long distance package and all our other telephone services.

Axxa Realties Inc. – Montreal, Quebec

Best rates, especially to overseas mobile numbers. Fast response and correction on problem reports.

Rubens Rahim – Redknee, Inc., Mississauga, Ontario

The savings between DCI and Bell are nothing short of astounding. I fully expected some type of problem or hassle due to the ridiculous low prices but am amazed that we have not had one service interruption in the 5 or 6 years we’ve been using DCI. (more…)

Mark Russell – Tomkem Transport Service, Lasalle, Quebec

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