Save up to $500 per year

DCI Local Line Service

A reliable choice from a provider you know and trust. DCI home phone service works like your regular Bell phone except that it costs less and comes standard with many free calling features. Available either stand-alone or bundled with our High-Speed Internet service. Get 3 months of free phone service if you order DCI Internet at the same time.

  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Unlimited Canada-Wide calling
  • DCI Equal Access long-distance service (as low as 1.1 ¢/min)
  • Crystal clear voice
  • Starting at $9.95 / month



Automatic Failover

Caller ID

Voicemail (*97)

Missed calls

Voicemail to email

Call Waiting

Call Transfer

3-Way Calling

Call Forwarding (*72)

Follow Me

Call Screening

Call Blocking

Do Not Disturb (*78)

Last Call Return (*69)

Call Privacy (*67)


9-1-1 service

Unlimited USA

USA phone number

Toll-Free number

Overseas phone number

Fax to Email


if your internet goes down, calls are forwarded to another number

see who's calling, even when you're on the phone.

get a voicemail when your phone is busy or you can't answer.

get missed call notifications by email

retrieve your voicemails by phone or receive them by email

get notified of incoming calls while on the phone and switch between calls.

answer the phone and transfer the call to another number

setup a 3-way conference with two other people (with compatible phone)

forward incoming calls to another number

forward incoming calls to multiple numbers at once

prevent Robo-Calls by asking callers to press a digit

block unwanted callers permanently.

send all incoming calls to voicemail without ringing

call back the last number that called you

protect your privacy by blocking your Caller ID on outgoing calls

ask us to simultaneously ring your home & mobile phone.

reliable 9-1-1 services connection

add unlimited free calls to the USA

add a USA local number to your line

add a 1800 toll-free number to your line

add an overseas number to your line

add a fax number to your line


Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free (coming soon)

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free

Included Free




$4.95 - $10.95


How does it work?

DCI's local line service uses your high-speed Internet connection to provide crystal-clear phone service. You simply connect a phone adapter to your Internet router and plug in your phone. That's the entire installation.

We recommend a cordless phone with several base stations but if you prefer fixed phones, you can use multiple adapters for your phones as shown in the diagram on the right.

DCI phone service is not only cheaper than a traditional landline, but it will also make your home phone experience better with its many great calling features.

  • Easy to install (plug and play)
  • Better than a traditional phone line
  • Perfect for your home office
  • Easy to keep your existing number

Automatic Failover Service

Our automatic failover algorithm ensures uninterrupted service at all times. DCI phone service stays operational, even when you have a power failure, your Internet connection goes down or your VoIP adapter malfunctions. Calls are simply forwarded to your designated emergency phone number and call quality remains high for all inbound and outbound calls.

Long Distance

DCI long distance service saves you money, no matter where you are, or where you are calling. Use a provider you can trust and join the 20,000 Canadians who have used DCI Telecom long distance service over the years.


Get the speed, security and unlimited usage your home needs. Say goodbye to extra usage fees. DCI offers Unlimited, stable and reliable High Speed Internet service. Enjoy non-stop surfing, streaming, uploading, and downloading at speeds of up to 200 Mbps.

Toll Free

With DCI shared toll-free service, your family and friends can call you any time, any day, from anywhere in Canada and the U.S. without paying a cent. It's easier - and costs far less - than calling cards or collect calls and more reliable.

Cost of service is $12.95 - $3 discount if combined with DCI Internet ($9.95). All equipment can be rented or purchased. Rented equipment is guaranteed by DCI and will be repaired or replaced during the service term by DCI at no extra cost to the customer. Rentals remain the property of DCI and must be returned a the end of the service term or you will be charged the retail price to replace it. Purchased equipment is warrantied for 1 year and must be maintained and replaced by the customer at his sole expense.
911 Service: It is the sole responsibility of the customer to keep his address on file with DCI up-to-date or VoIP 911 service will not work and 911 will not be able to assist you in case of an emergency. If the DCI adapter is not used at the municipal address registered with us, emergency services will be dispatched to the wrong address. $1.45 monthly e911 service fee charged extra.
Invoicing: DCI Telecom invoices are sent by email each month in PDF format. If you prefer to receive your invoice by regular mail, you will be charged $1.95 each month for shipping and handling. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Taxes, directory assistance and long-distance charges are extra. Certain conditions apply. Service available where technology permits.