VoIP Home Phone Service

A reliable choice for your home telephone service, from a provider you know and trust. DCI Home Phone service is available either stand-alone or bundled with High-Speed Internet service for more savings.

  • Unlimited local calling
  • Crystal clear voice
  • 12 Free Calling Features
  • Ultra-low Long Distance rates
  • Only $66.30 with unlimited cable Internet combo
  • No Access Fee

DCI phone service works just like your regular home phone service except that it costs less and comes standard with many enhanced free calling features.

Free Call Features

Voicemail takes messages if you don't answer or the line is in use.
Voicemail to email Voicemails arrive as email attachments in your email inbox.
Call Display The caller’s name and number is displayed while your phone is ringing.
Call Waiting Alerts you to an incoming call when you are already on another call.
Call Forwarding Forward incoming calls to another number.
Call Transfer Can transfer a call to another subscriber.
3-Way Calling Call two numbers and conduct a simultaneous conversation with both parties.
Speed Dial Use short codes to call frequently used numbers.
Do Not Disturb Temporarily prevent incoming calls.
Call Privacy Reject incoming calls from selected phone numbers.
Anonymous Call Rejection Automatically rejects incoming calls if the number is 'unknown'.
Outgoing Caller ID Block Prevent your name and number from being displayed when making an outgoing call.
Wake Up Calls Order a wake up call by phone

No activation fee. All equipment can be rented or purchased. Rentals remain the property of DCI and must be returned a the end of the service term or you will be charged the retail price to replace it. Purchased equipment can be returned as well through our buy back program. All returns must be in good working order, in the original packaging and in resellable condition at the sole discretion of DCI. $65 security deposit. $1.45 monthly e911 service fee charged extra. DCI Telecom invoices are sent by email each month in PDF format. If you prefer to receive your invoice by regular mail, you will be charged $0.95 each month for shipping and handling. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Taxes, directory assistance and long distance charges are extra. Certain conditions apply. Service available where technology permits.

VoIP 911 calls are NOT immediately routed to the nearest emergency response center. Instead DCI will route the call to a specialized e911 call center that handles VoIP emergency calls. This call center is different from the regular emergency response center in that you must confirm your address and provide your name and phone number to the call center operator to get help. Do NOT hang up unless the operator tells you to do so. If you get disconnected dial 911 again. If you have a power failure, or your Internet is down, or your account is suspended as a result of billing issues, VoIP 911 service will NOT be available. DCI recommends that you always keep a cellular phone handy to ensure your access to 911 emergency services.

Long Distance

DCI long distance service saves you money, no matter where you are, or where you are calling. Use a provider you can trust and join the 20,000 Canadians who have used DCI Telecom long distance service over the years.


Get the speed, security and unlimited usage your home needs. Say goodbye to extra usage fees. DCI offers Unlimited, stable and reliable High Speed Internet service. Enjoy non-stop surfing, streaming, uploading, and downloading at speeds of up to 200 Mbps.

Toll Free

With DCI shared toll-free service, your family and friends can call you any time, any day, from anywhere in Canada and the U.S. without paying a cent. It's easier - and costs far less - than calling cards or collect calls and more reliable.