Toll-Free 800 Numbers $2.95 /mo
For Business or Personal use

Business 800 Service

Toll-free service allows customers to reach your business from anywhere in the country without incurring any long-distance charges. Having a toll-free number shows your customers that you care about their experience and that you are willing to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you.

Toll-Free numbers give the impression that you are a large, established company and can be a powerful tool to generate new business. They are perfect for businesses of all sizes, whether you're a small startup or a large corporation

By providing your customers with an easy way to contact your business, you gain a competitive advantage that can help boost your business and strengthen relations with your customers.  Move your Toll-Free number to DCI and save on every call.

Enhanced 800 Service

Enhanced 1-800 routing can be turned on or off with a simple phone call and allows your 1-800 inbound calls to be forwarded to different places at different times (days) based on a schedule you provide. Each time you receive a toll-free call, our system checks your list of routing numbers, (which can be active or inactive depending on time and day), and then routes the call to the correct number. If the call list is finished without being answered at any of the numbers, the call is sent to voicemail. You can provide up to 7 routing options and we'll forward your calls to any number in the world. An excellent example of "enhanced" 1-800 routing is to extend your company's customer service hours if you have office locations in different time zones or to route overflow calls to a different call center if lines are busy. $29.95 activation fee, $2.95/month + long-distance charges.

International Toll-Free Forwarding

American consumers will not dial an international number but use toll-free numbers every day and expect businesses to provide them. DCI enhanced 1-800 number service can be used to forward calls to any number in the world so your overseas location can have a local presence in the US market and your customers don't have to make expensive international calls to contact you. Your toll-free number will ring anywhere in the world, without delay, and without the need for your customers to enter PIN numbers or access codes.

Increase your business, increase revenues and expand your customer reach without having to rely on American agents, brokers, or call centers. $29.95 activation fee, $6.95 monthly fee + international long distance charges.

Personal 1-800

Now your family and friends can call you any time, any day, from anywhere in Canada and the U.S. without paying a cent. It's easier - and costs far less - than collect calls and calling cards since all calls are charged to your DCI Telecom account at DCI's deep discount long distance rates. From now on connecting with your family can be as simple as dialing a 1-800 number, no matter where you are in Canada or the USA. Only $0.95 per month + regular toll free charges. Service is provided on a shared 1-800 number with 4-digit extension. $9.95 activation fee.