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Why is Direct Access not working?

If you have Direct Access service with DCI and your calls are no longer completing through us, please check that your PIC code is still DCI by dialling 1-700-555-4141 from your line.

If DCI does NOT answer, you may have changed your local line carrier (LLC), moved residences, or simply called your provider to add a feature or discuss a billing problem. In these cases, your LLC may have restored to PIC code to default. Let us know and we will re-PIC the line back to DCI.

If DCI answers, then the PIC is still confirmed DCI and you might have a caller ID block on your line. Please have your LLC (local line carrier) remove the caller ID block. If we don’t know who is calling, we can’t grant access to our system to make calls.

Another possibility we see quite often is a long-distance block with your LLC. You may have told them at some point that you don’t use them for long-distance and you don’t want to get billed for any long-distance calls. Your carrier typically interprets this conversation as a request to block long-distance calling on your line. Thus it will not work even after the PIC code has been changed to DCI. Please contact your LLC to have the long-distance block removed.

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