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How do I top-up my prepaid account?

The easiest and fastest way to add money to your prepaid phone account is online with your credit card. Simply log in to your prepaid account control panel and click the ‘Buy Now’ Paypal button. Select the amount you wish to add and follow the instructions on the screen. The minimum top-up value is $25 and the maximum top-up is $300 per transaction. Online top-ups will be credited to your account instantly. All transactions are in CAD dollars.

Another way is to call us during business hours and request to charge your credit card manually for the top-up amount. This process takes a couple of hours to complete because one department processes your credit card and another one does the actual top-up.

Finally, the slowest way to add money to your prepaid account is to send us the payment via electronic banking, or by personal check. In both cases, the amount will only be added to your prepaid account once the payment is received on our end.

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