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Activate data on Android (APN settings)

APN (Access Point Name) settings are required to access the internet and to send multimedia picture messages (MMS). Your device reads the APN settings to set up a connection between the network and the internet. IOS (iPhone) devices will automatically enable these settings after your SIM is inserted. However, Android devices have to be configured manually sometimes.

To add new APN Settings (the wording in your menu may vary slightly):
Select Mobile networks, Cellular networks or similar.
Select Access Point Names
Select New APN, the + icon, or Add

Videotron APN settings are:
APN: (LTE SIM) or media.videotron (4G SIM)
MCC : 302
MNC : 500
APN Type: default,mms,supl

Telus APN settings are:
Name: Telus
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 8799
MCC: 302
MNC: 220
APN type: default,supl,mms (or, if not an option, then select internet&MMS)

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