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How do I setup my Telus Voicemail?

Before you can use your voice mail for the FIRST time, you must first activate it. From your mobile device, hold down the 1 key or call your own 10-digit mobile phone number. This will bring you to your voicemail.

Follow the prompts to set up your password, record your Name and your Personal Greeting. Choose a password that is hard for others to guess between 4 and 15 digits long. Avoid using repetitive and sequential numbers such as 1111, 1234, etc.

Record your Name and Personal Greeting or the caller will hear a default system greeting. Once these steps have been completed, your voice mail is activated and ready to receive messages. Hang up or press * ** to end the call.

Please note if you RESET your voicemail password at any time, the default password is your 10-digit cell phone number.

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