Beware of Fraudulent Text Messages

Always consider the criteria below before trusting a text message.

1. Text messages from legitimate businesses do NOT come from unidentified mobile numbers.

2. You did NOT win the Lottery. There are plenty of text scams that begin by saying that you “won” a special raffle but unless you’ve actually entered into a specific contest, the only winner is the scammer in this scenario.

3. You are NOT getting a Refund. It’s not a wrong charge. Do NOT reply to emails asking if you want a refund for that excess payment you made.

4. Your relatives are NOT in trouble. Reply to this message and you are the one in trouble. Your overseas “relative” does NOT need monetary assistance.

5. Government text messages are ALWAYS fake. Any text message claiming to be from a government agency is a definite scam, especially tax refunds.

6. No government agency, bank, or other legitimate business requests personal financial information via text messages.

7. Never click on any links or call any phone numbers in an unsolicited text message. Don’t reply in any way, not even to ask the sender to leave you alone as that confirms that your phone number is active. Delete the message from your phone and stay safe.