Starting your own Long Distance Company…

Might be easier than you think

DCI Private Label service allows you to start your own white-label long distance business, at minimal cost. You apply your brand to our services. Your name, your logo, your look and feel.

Ordinarily the cost of setting up and maintaining complex telecom equipment would be prohibitive for most people but White Label Service means there is NO "initial" investment. You simply sell prepaid accounts and calling cards for making long distance calls and concentrate on making money instead of maintaining a complex network of telecom switches.

Make 20% profit on every call while maintaining complete control over your customer base

Sell national or international private label travel cards, without having to invest thousands of dollars in switching and billing equipment. You can sell calling cards in your store, on eBay or Amazon and your customers won't know that the service is outsourced to DCI.

DCI long distance is one of the best deals in North America. We can provide long distance service to your customers' home, business, cell phone or travel card. We have hundreds of local access number in Canada, the USA and many other countries around the world.

Work from home

Work at your own pace

Make lots of money


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