We Need Your Support

Everyone knows that Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the developed world for mobile phone service. That’s because there is virtually no competition in Canada.

The Canadian market is monopolized by three big wireless companies; Rogers, Bell and Telus. So-called “value” brands like Fido, Chatr, Public and Koodo are ALSO owned by the “big three” and only create an illusion of choice when in reality there is none.

Even worse, “the “big three” actively discourage the resale of wireless services. They don’t like competition and will do everything in their power to stifle and eliminate smaller competitors.


DCI Telecom provides fast and affordable 4G LTE service, on the same towers and networks as the “big three” but at substantially lower rates. We offer personalized service, better monthly plans, and better deals on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Pick up the phone and call your parents, relatives or friends anywhere in Canada. DCI Unlimited works from coast to coast and calling has never been easier. Unlimited USA calling can be added for only $5 per month.

Do you send hundreds or thousands of text messages per day? Doesn’t matter. DCI is made for your texting needs.

Perfect for streaming, video chatting, downloading your favourite TV shows or listening to all the podcasts on the internet.

DCI offers the latest phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei and Google. Many devices are $0 upfront and term contracts start at only $50 per month.

If you value competition and want to support a small business, switch your cell phone service to DCI. Help us open up competition in Canada and bring down cell phone rates across the country. We need more users to get better rates from our providers. Show the “big three” that Canadians want real choice instead of an illusion of choice.