Trade-In Program

Get up to $500 credit towards a new phone by trading-in your old UNLOCKED smartphone. All trades are final and require a 2-year term contract. You must be at least 18 years of age and legal owner of the phone.

like new, original box
scratches, no box
broken screen
iPhone 7$75$55$35
iPhone 7+$100$75$50
iPhone 8$145$110$75
iPhone 8+$200$165$100
iPhone X$225$215-
iPhone Xr$280$250-
iPhone XS$320$280-
Samsung S7$50$0-
Samsung S8$75$50-
Samsung S8+$100$75-
Samsung S9$125$90-
Samsung S9+$145$100-
Samsung Note 8$110$80-
Samsung Note 9$175$125-
Google Pixel 3$50$0-
Google Pixel 3 XL$75$0-

Trade-In Preparation

  • Switch off “Reactivation Lock” on your Samsung device
  • Switch off “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone
  • Back up your personal data
  • Factory reset your device
  • Remove your SIM card and memory card
  • Charge the battery

Frequently Asked Questions

My screen is scratched or broken. Can I trade?
Yes but it's worth $50-$100 less. If the phone powers on and is operational you can still trade.

Can I trade-in my phone if it's still on contract?
No. You would have to break the contract and pay the penalty first, before your own the phone and can trade it.

Do I need to include the phone charger or accessories?
Yes. To get full value for your phone, you must include the original box and most accessories.

How do I know if you'll give me full value for my phone?
The phone must be in near perfect condition, no visible marks or scratches. You will not get full value if your phone has scratches or dents, or you don't have the original box with accessories.

How will I be compensated for the value of my phone?
The trade-in value of your phone will be credited to your next DCI invoice.

Can I transfer my credits to someone else?
No. The trade-in credit is non-transferable and has zero cash value.

Can I change my mind after the trade is completed? Can I get my old phone back?
No. All trades are final. Your old phone cannot be returned to you after it has been traded in.