Direct Access Service

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DIRECT ACCESS service is available anywhere in Canada from residential or business lines that are ON-net to the DCI network and does not require you to dial an access number before each call. DCI simply notifies your local carrier to transfer all direct dialed long distance calls to the DCI Telecom network and you can continue to dial your calls the same way you always do. The transfer process is completely transparent to the end user and you will not notice any difference other than a sudden improvement in call clarity and lower monthly telephone bills because the calls are completed on the DCI Telecom network. DIRECT access is also available to international customers via the internet on DCI broadband service at $16.95 per month. To place a direct access call from your home or business line, you simply pick up the phone and dial the destination number the SAME way you normally would. This option costs $2.95 / month system access fee, billing is in one minute increments (6-second billing optional) and you must sign a DIRECT ACCESS authorization form before we can switch your line over to DCI.